Saturday, March 24, 2012

Father donates sperm to help son and daughter-in-law have children.

After three years of trying to conceive with his wife, a man in his early thirties, has turned to his own father to provide the sperm.
This means the child produced from this union of egg and sperm will have a 'father' who is his biological half-brother and a 'grandfather' who is his biological father.
The couple, who live in the Netherlands, have found a clinic which will honour their unusual request.
Though not common, donations of sperm, egg or womb from family members to couples trying to conceive are not technically illegal, and do happen.
While such arrangements have potential advantages over using donations from strangers, they do bring their own set of complications, such as confusion over who the child's parent is, say researchers in the journal Human Reproduction.
There are varying views on the issue, but most experts agree so-called intrafamilial assisted reproduction should not necessarily be banned, and can perhaps work in some circumstances.
However, any couples who decided to enter this territory should tread carefully, say experts

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